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Now Available!

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The Edge Ltd.

The Edge Ltd. is an independent production company established in 1989 by James Cutting. James has over forty years of experience in the production industry and is an award-winning producer/director/screenwriter veteran in film and video production. The Edge has produced film and video projects in a variety of applications including commercial, documentary, entertainment, marketing, promotion, and training over the many years for the national and international markets.

Over the last decade, James has redirected the mission of The Edge to pursue motorcycle-related projects. His passion for motorcycling as a collector, an avid riding enthusiast, and a motorcycle community organizer has fueled this direction for The Edge.

In 2011, The Edge released its last feature-length motorcycle documentary “Hogslayer: The Unapproachable Legend,” to rave reviews worldwide. And in 2021, The Edge released its next feature-length documentary “Walter: The Missing Link – Discovery of a Centennial Motorcycle.”