“Hogslayer: The Unapproachable Legend" is the story of the most famous motorcycle dragster in history now in its 10-year Anniversary re-release including recently acquired archival footage in a fresh new version of the documentary. Featuring T.C. Christenson and John Gregory, with unrivaled innovation, unbridled courage, and unyielding challengers, they took on the drag racing world from a small motorcycle shop in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Hear their story first-hand from the original Sunset Motors, bench racing at its best. 

"Humiliation on the strips is what Tom Christenson inflicted on the rest of the world's dragsters. It's difficult to imagine if you have not seen it." - Motor Cycle Weekly. "John Gregory's abundant talents for imaginative engineering have produced the dazzling machines that launch TC Christenson on record making rides." - Cycle World.  

Independent Producer of "Hogslayer" James Cutting shares "It's my pleasure to re-release "Hogslayer" for all the loyal fans worldwide of this motorcycle racing legend." This film is a must-see for all motorcycle and racing enthusiasts.

View the “Hogslayer: The Unapproachable Legend” documentary trailer